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Steps & Options When Selling Your Property
The Pinnacle Auction & Estate Service staff will set-up a scheduled date to meet with you and view your personal property. During this initial meeting, we will be able to discuss the best option to sell your Personal Property with the most profitable results. Saugeys Inc. require a signed contract. There are several options to be considered:

1) Estate Tag Sale:
This process involves pricing your individual items by our  experienced staff, researching special items for past sale results and getting opinions from qualified consultants, who specialize in a particular genre.
Seller(s) will be made aware of any and all expenses, such as commission, advertising, & trash removal fees. Our average process usually has a set-up time of approximately 1 to 2 weeks with a 2-4 day direct selling time. The last sale day is usually a LIVE AUCTION to liquidate the estate. Seller(s) will receive a spreadsheet of daily purchase prices (including description & purchase price of higher priced items) and a breakdown of fees or expenses. Auction results will be on a separate spreadsheet. 2 separate checks will be issued to the Seller or authorized estate representative within 10 working days.

2) On-site auction: This process involves the set-up time an average
1 to 2 weeks with a 1 day direct selling time. All Personal Property contents will be offered at a LIVE Public auction. Almost everything will sell, but there may be some general, common items that did not attract any buyers. These items are usually donated, given away or given to your preferred charity. By contract, you will receive a spreadsheet or individual sale ticket of each item or "lot" sold and a detailed list of expenses within 10 working days of the auction.

3) Other Options:There is a possibility that the estate does not warrant either of the above mentioned options. Another option is to Consign select items directly to our auction facility. Please refer to Learning About Auctions - 'Selling Your Property'.

1. Contract:  The contract will outline the sale process and procedure from the initial introduction to the completion of the sale. It will include any fees that will be incurred by the estate; commission, advertising, trash removal....It will also state the type of advertising included - websites, newspaper, email etc..

2. References :  Check us out on the Web.The Pinnacle Auction & Estate Services staff has decades of experience in buying & selling antiques, personal property & collectibles. We utilize all research means available to competitively price your items to achieve a fair market value.

3. Selling Process: We provide a daily spreadsheet of sales.This is a "each customer purchase" breakdown for everything sold daily. Furniture, silver, jewelry, artwork or other large items will be detailed on each sheet. Some items are generalized - kitchen, & bath, for example.

4. Unsold property:  Items that do not sell at the Tag sale or liquidation auction remain the property of the seller. We will discuss the options with the seller prior to contracting the sale. Most unsold items are general household items and are typically donated or given away for haul off. Chemicals, old paint, tires or hazardous materials will remain on the property for the seller to dispose of unless arrangements are stated in the contract.

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