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To our family, friends, customers & consignors,

You probably are familiar with the exercise in story telling that goes like this – someone tells a story to one person at the end of a row of people, and when the story gets to the other end, it is totally different. If you are not familiar with this, try it sometime, you will be amazed how the story changes!

The purpose for this letter to you is to tell the story to the whole row at one time.

Pinnacle Auction & Estate Service, being John & Phyllis Saugey & Diane Williams, are planning on closing our consignment auction operation on Asher Avenue by the end of the year. We will begin some changes soon.

As of June 1st, we will no longer offer pickup/moving service or accept consignments of general household merchandise or flea market items. We will schedule some General Merchandise auctions to clear out our warehouse of current consignments. Those sales will NOT be offered online.

We will continue with our current auction schedule every 2nd & 4th Monday at 6pm for now and only 1 of those auctions will be offered online. Don’t be surprised if we insert a “specialty” auction in the schedule on a different night or weekend! We have 3 specialty auctions in the works now!

I am sure by now that you may have questions. Please let me try to cover a few for you.

First, let’s cover WHY. Running a consignment operation like ours is very time consuming. This leaves little time to schedule Estate Tag Sales and onsite Auctions of all kinds, which we love to do.  Since we began offering live/online auctions, our schedule was pretty much already planned out creating the catalog and preparing for the auction. One of the perks of being self-employed is having flexibility, and we want to regain that.

As most of you know, we have a big building & property on Asher Avenue. There are always headaches with owning a big old building no matter where it’s located. Security, heat & air, roof, painting, and the list goes on. There’s always something that needs attention. Some of you are shaking your heads in agreement I would imagine. A smaller property translates to less headaches, stress & expense.

The second question is WHERE are you moving to? We plan to possibly move our office to Hwy. 300 out by Pinnacle Mountain where Saugey’s Antiques is located.  The transition will not happen overnight. There is lots of work to do there prior to the move, and since we will continue having auctions on Asher for the time being, the work will probably proceed slowly. We are absolutely NOT retiring.

The next question might be - are you going to have auctions there? We think there will be enough room to have an auction occasionally, and it will be online & live or a timed online auction with preview hours. We really want to focus on Estate Tag Sales & onsite auctions, so if we do have an auction there it will be a special sale with a limited number of quality items and limited seating.

We have been in the Auction & Estate Tag Sale business for almost 20 years, originally opening our first consignment auction in NLR on MacArthur drive in 2000. Some of you have been with us from the first auction. Some of you have just found out about us. We consider ALL of you as our “Auction Family”, and cherish the life-long friendships that we are lucky enough to have with you. We appreciate the fact you allowed us some time in your busy schedule and look forward to seeing you whenever there is an opportunity to do so. There are many Auction and Estate companies out there, and we thank you for allowing our company to continue to be a part of your life.


John & Phyllis Saugey, Diane Williams